Why you should get a free fax2email number

  • Get faxes sent to your email address
  • Save money on fax paper
  • Save money on fax toner
  • Free setup and no rental costs
  • Access your faxes anywhere via email
  • Up and running instantly!
  • Eco friendly paperless solution

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Fax 2 Email Eco friendly

Fax to Email Overview Fax2Email OverviewFree Fax2Email enables you to receive faxes via any internet connection using either you home or office PC, Mobile, PDS or Laptop.
How do I receive faxes? How do I receive faxes?With free fax2email receiving a fax is as easy as opening email or sending an email. Any Fax sent to your Free Fax2 Email number will be sent to your email address as a PDF or TIFF attachment.
What is this free fax2email number? What is this free fax2email number?Your free fax2email number is your number for life and will stay active as long as you use it. If you do not use your number for more than 3 months your account will expire.

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