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Web to Fax - Your digital faxing solution

The Web to Fax service enables users to send faxes from their PC’s, Mac’s, Smart Phone and email account. NO extra hardware or software is required to use Web to Fax service! Opening a Web to Fax account is Free but air time will be required to send faxes. Once registered simply log into your online Web to Fax account, select the documents you want to fax, put in the destination fax number and hit send – It is as simple as that! Register your Free copy of Web to Fax today and only pay for what you fax!

How does Web to Fax work?

To send faxes with the Web to Fax solution an
active internet connection like ADSL or 3G is needed. There is no additional hardware required, no subscription fee and Instant setup is available immediately. read more

TopUp your Web to Fax account

Recharging your Web to Fax account and loading more credit can be done through the use of either a Credit Card or Bank deposit. Users can simply log into the Web to Fax admin system..... read more

What is Secure Fax?

Secure Fax is a benefit where you can receive encrypted, password protected documents. You
can have all your faxes sent via secure fax...or
only activate this function when you are expecting
a confidential or content sensitive fax. read more

Web to Fax Address Book & Profile

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