VBC conference call

The Virtual Business Centre includes a conference call facility. Utilising the VBC address book, SMS module and the IVR platform the VBC system is able to create an easy to use, low cost Conference Call environment. Registered users can simply log into the VBC porthole, select the day, time & number of participants and the system will automatically take care of the rest. SMS will automatically be sent out to invite and remind users to the conference call.

VBC users can now make multi-party calls by using the conference call IVR platform. The originator of the conference call will establish the number of participants (max 30) and submit an

SMS to each participant with the date, time and PIN to join the conference. On the designated time each participant will phone the relevant access number, enter the PIN and be announced as a participant.

Need to deliver training to your Sales Team or a group of people that are in different parts of the country? The solution: VBC Conference Call facility. Set a time and a date for the call and each person will be notified via SMS as to what time and date the call will take place. Mission accomplished, communication completed. Read more about the VBC Conference call service.

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