STOP giving out your mobile number!
Send unwanted calls to your own FREE 086 voice mail number!

Have you ever wished that you can put a spam filter on your telephone to root out untimely and unwanted marketing calls?

Well now you can! Free Voice2Email is a service offer by FaxWorx to South African based customers that want to add an extra layer of privacy to their business and/or personal live.

The Voice Message to Email service enables users to receive voice messages and faxes through the same number for FREE!

STOP giving out your Mobile number, give out your Voice Message to Email number and all your voice messages will be sent to your email address.

How does Free Voice2Email work?

The Free Voice Message to Email service enables you to receive a voice message for free through a 086 number that is linked to your email address.

When someone calls your 086 voice mail number the message is record and an audio file is generated. The audio file is then attached to an email and forwarded to the linked email address.

One Number – Three Services – Free Voice2Email, Free Fax2Email & Web2Fax

Free Voice2Email Registration – Step by Step

  • Follow the on page register links to register for the Free Voice2Email service,
  • A 086 voice mail number is linked to your email address,
  • An activation email is sent to the registered email address,
  • Follow the link in the activation email to activate you Free Voice2Email account,
  • Once activated your account would be live within 2 hours
  • Receiving a free voice messages as audio attachments with the Voice2Email service
  • Someone leaf’s a message on your 086 voice mail number.
  • The voice message is recorded and converted to an audio file attachment,
  • The voice message server looks up the email address the 086 number is linked to,
  • The audio file is sent to your email,
  • You receive the audio file in your inbox as an attachment.
  • Click on the audio file and listen to your message!


Already registered on the FaxWorx Voice and Fax platform?

What do you need to do?

If you have an existing 086 fax number on the FaxWorx platform all the technical changes have already been made to include the Voice2Email functionality on your existing 086 Fax2Email number.

All you need to do is inform your friends, colleagues and business associates that if they want to leave a voice message for you they could simply dial your digital 086 fax number, follow the prompts and leave a message.

Remember to put your digital voice & fax number on your emails, business cards and all other correspondence. Remind everyone that you can now receive voice messages through email.