Try before you buy! Send a test fax from your Gmail with Gmail2Fax

The Gmail2Fax service has a built in test service that allow you to test the fax service before loading any air time. When a new user registers, a 086 number is automatically generated and linked to the users email address. The 086 number is also the user name on the fax system. Using the 086 fax number that was allocated with registration, users can now go through the motions of how to send a fax and get a feel for the system by sending a test fax to themselves.

Send a test fax with Gmail – Gmail2Fax

Using Google Gmail to send a fax is very similar to sending a normal email. The only difference is that you will be using the fax number as part of the email address

Here is a quick guide on how to test the Gmail2Fax service for FREE. “Gmail account required for Gmail2Fax to work”

1. Sign Up for a free fax to email account with FaxWorx. Activation and verification of email address is required. Check your Gmail account for activation email.
2. To test the Gmail2Fax service for FREE you can send yourself test faxes on the 086 number that you received when you registered for the free fax to email service.
3. In your Gmail account create a new email, in the TO: field simply place your own 086 fax number followed by the faxing server “”. For example
4. You can attach any documents if needed to send along in the fax. (Max 500k/document)
5. You can include a cover page message by entering text in the subject line and body of the email.
6. Click SEND and your test fax is on its way! No busy dial tones, just one click and you are finished!