International Fax2Email

Need to receive International faxes or give your clients a land-line fax number ?

Link a geographical number to your email and keep all the great benefits of Fax2Email and still receive faxes in your inbox.

Receive International Faxes with Subscription Fax2Email

Now you can get a geographical number that is linked to your email address with all the benefit of a 086 Fax2Email number.

Fax2Email has always been associated with a free service that links a fax number to your email address. But there were some limitations with the free fax service and receiving faxes from an international destination could not always be guaranteed. To deal with the demand of international faxes a new subscription Fax2Email service was added to the line up giving users a geographical number eg. (011) 604 XXXX which is linked to an email address.

The Subscription Fax2Email service enables users to:

* Receive International Faxes

* Geographical number (e.g. 011)

* Fax Usage reports per user

* Blacklist unwanted Fax2Email numbers

* Online Management system

* Fax History Interface

* Support (office hours)

To read more on International Fax2Email – Go to Subscription Fax2Email

To register for Subscription Fax2Email go to Geographical Fax2Email Registration

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