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PC2Fax – Send a fax from your PC

Send a fax from your computer with PC2Fax. To get the PC2Fax service you need to look at the Web2Fax app from FaxWorx. More Info below!

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Free Fax2Email

Free Fax2Email enables you to receive faxes through a 086 fax number that is linked to your email address. Free Fax2Email is save, secure and environment friendly!

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Email2Fax allows registered users to send a fax from their preferred email client. Fax users can now simply attach a document to an email or just use the body of the email to send a fax.

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The Web2Fax service from FaxWorx allows you to send faxes from you PC, Mac and mobile device using the internet and an online admin fax porthole.

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