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Email to Fax / Email2Fax – Send a Fax from your email account

Gmail to Fax & Google Chrome - How does it work?

With a constant drive to global mobility and more systems moving over to cloud based solutions it wasn’t long before a digital fax solution was required to integrate and work seamlessly with these systems.

One platform was needed to combine a wide variety of outbound & inbound fax service and so the complete digital faxing solution was born.

The complete digital faxing solution brought to you by FaxWorx grouped all of the best fax applications on offer in South Africa into one powerful solution. Now with the click of button you can have one solution that allows you to send and receive faxes with Fax to Email in Gmail. The solution also gives you a web interface to do Gmail to Fax and if that is not enough the solution also makes provision to send faxes from your mobile with the Mobi to Fax interface.

On registration for the complete digital faxing solution you will receive a 086 fax number that will allow you to receive faxes in your email client “like Gmail” for free. The system also automatically registers you for the Web to Fax,
Mobi to Fax
& Email to Fax services. All the fax out services are grouped together and runs off a single pool account.

Registration for the complete digital faxing solution service is FREE – but faxes being sent out will be charged on a pay as you go basis and you will need to load some credit onto your account before any faxes can be sent. Register for the complete digital faxing solution and get Fax to Email today.

Gmail to Fax – How does it work?

Fax to Email Gmail – Sending a Fax from Gmail
Fax to Email Gmail – Gmail to Fax - Sending a Fax from Gmail

Using Google Gmail to send a fax is very similar to sending a normal email. The only difference is that you will be using the fax number as part of the email address. Here is a quick guide on how to test theGmail to Fax service for FREE. “Gmail account required for Fax to Email Gmail to work”

1. Sign Up for a free fax to email account with FaxWorx. Activation and verification of email address is required. Check your Gmail account for activation email.
2. To test the Fax to Email Gmail service for FREE you can send yourself test faxes on the 086 number that you received when you registered for the fax service.
3. In your Gmail account create a new email, in the TO: field simply place your own 086 fax number followed by the faxing server “”. For example
4. You can attach any documents if needed to send along in the fax. (Max 500k/document)
5. You can include a message by entering text in the email's content area.
6. Click SEND and your test fax is on its way! No busy dial tones, just one click and you are finished!

Fax to Email Google Chrome – Sending a Fax from Google Chrome
Gmail to Fax - Use Google Chrome to send out faxes

If you prefer not to use the Fax to Email Gmail service you can look at the Fax to Email - Google Chrome option. To send faxes direct from Google Chrome or any other internet browser you must use the Web to Fax interface. The Web to Fax solution is a standalone online system. No hardware, software or configuration is needed to get going with the Web to Fax service. Once you are registered and credit has been loaded onto your Web to Fax account you can start to send faxes. Simply log onto the online faxing porthole, click on “Send Fax Now”, enter the recipient detail, attaché the document / file and hit send. The document is now on its way to the fax recipient and you would be notified by email on the fax status. For more detail on how Web to Fax works and How to send a fax from the Web to Fax interface, please have a look at the Web to Fax section of the website.