Eamil to Fax - Send & Receive a fax from Gmail, Outlook & Apple Mail

Email to Fax / Email2Fax – Send a Fax from your email account

Email to Fax / Email2Fax - How does it work?

Email to Fax is the reverse of Free Fax to Email. Now you can Send & Receive a fax from Gmail, Outlook & Apple Mail. Using the Free Fax to Email platform users can send a fax with the email to fax service from FaxWorx.

When registering for the Web to Fax service users automatically get access to all the offerings in the fax solution – all in one place, on one platform at no extra cost. To send a fax by email users simply use the destination fax number as the email address, attaché the document they want to fax and hit send.

Web to Fax is a complete digital faxing solution enabling users to send “Word”, “Excel”, “PDF”, “Text” & “Tiff” documents straight from any PC or Mac. The online faxing service is a complete end to end solution which gives you the added value of not needing a fax machine or fax line - saving you even more money. Registration for the Web to Fax service is FREE. Register your Free copy of Email to Fax - today!

Email to Fax - How it works & Step by step faxing

Email2Fax - Send a Fax from your Email Clien
How Email to Fax works

Sending a Fax from a email client:
1. Open up a new email
2. Enter the recipient's fax number
    @faxemail.co.za in the To box of the email.
    e.g. 0866144130@faxemail.co.za
3. If they would like to add a cover sheet they
    would complete the details in the Subject box
    of the email and type the message details
    in the body of the email
4. Attach the document that they would like to fax
    and click send
5. The fax will be sent to the recipient