VBC = Virtual Business Centre

Virtual Business Centre

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The Virtual Business Centre is specifically aimed at assisting SME’s in South Africa with a variety of services all rolled up in one solution.

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Virtual Business Centre – Your Complete Business Solution

VBC = Bookkeeping, Auto Receptionist, Conference Call, Fax2Email, Email2Fax and much more!

The Virtual Business Centre is specifically aimed at assisting SME’s in South Africa with a variety of services all rolled up in one solution. Some of the services offered includes: Bookkeeping, Auto Receptionist, Conference Call, Fax2Email & Email2Fax.

The Virtual Business Centre service was designed to empower entrepreneurs who want to project and manage a professional business image. The VBC service offers cutting-edge telecommunication and business services at a touch of a button without having to spending any time and money on developing and maintaining infrastructure.

Registered users of the Virtual Business Centre service can simple activate or deactivate services as needed through the online admin porthole.

The Virtual Business Centre offers solutions for all aspects of your business.

  • A professional Auto Receptionist receiving calls & taking messages 24/7
  • Send and receive faxes with the complete Digital Faxing Solution
  • Do all your Credit Card transactions on the move
  • Stay connected with VBC Airtime 24/7
  • Attend the VBC Business Course training, giving you a complete plan of how to take your business to the next level

True “pay-as-you-use” mode

All the products in the VBC solution is linked to one pool account making it possible to use your available funds for any of the service. The prepaid “back-end” billing engine, allows for a true “pay-as-you-use” model.

The Virtual Business Centre offers many more services…Get connected today and make use of Millions of rand’s worth of cutting edge technology allowing you to run your business from anywhere at any time.

Virtual Business Centre – Overview

There are many advantages in using the Virtual Business Centre. VBC is a collection of communication & business applications that include the following services:


  • Accounting
  • Business Management Courses
  • Business Plans
  • Business and Legal Forms
  • Classifieds
  • Credit and Debit Card
  • Processing
  • Data Storage
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Survey Online

  • Airtime
  • Auto Receptionist
  • Conference Call
  • Fax2Email
  • Telco Services
  • Web2Fax

  • Marketing

  • Address Book
  • Diary
  • Email
  • SMS

Virtual Business Centre – Business Services



VBC Accounting The Virtual Business Center offers you a simple and easy to use Accounting Package. No need to Purchase any costly package, just activate the Accounting Service and download the software onto your computer. Once downloaded you are able to do all your accounting using the VBC Econo Accounting system, which is simple and easy to use.

No more manual capturing of data, VBC Accounting offers a unique service of downloading your bank statement directly into your Cash book and once elected will auto post future downloads to the correct general ledger accounts. VBC Accounting is the answer to all your accounting requirements. Register Now!



Business Management Courses

VBC Business Management Courses Need to take your business to the next level? Then make sure that you book to attend the next VIRTUAL BUSINESS MANAGEMENT COURSE. This course outlines how to use the Virtual Business Centre as a tool to enhance and make your business more effective. Click here for more information

Business Plans

VBC Business Plans Starting a new business and need a Business Plan? VBC will help you create a winning business plan for whatever business you are starting. Create a winning business plan that is pertinent to your business! Register Now!


Business and Legal Forms

VBC Business and Legal Forms

With VBC Business and Legal Forms you no longer need to spend unnecessary time searching for legal and miscellaneous forms. You can now select from a menu of “pre-packed” forms including:

– opening a close corporation
– amending a close corporation
– general power of attorney
– property leases

Simply select the form you require and print out the form after confirming payment. Quick and easy. Register Now!




VBC Classifieds Make use of the VBC Classifieds section. By being a VBC user, your information is automatically entered into the Classifieds section. This allows you to advertise your business and services to other VBC users, as well as search for products and services that you require.

Don’t delay, update your profile today with a detailed description of your business. Register Now!



Credit and Debit Card Processing

VBC Credit and Debit Card Processing servic New and improved Credit and Debit Card Processing service coming soon. Register Now!


Data Storage

VBC Data storage

Data storage provides the VBC user with the ability to store a wide range of documents and supports all formats. Documents can be accessed 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

Be safe and secure and always have your important documentation readily available. Use Data Storage to store all important documents such as TAX Returns, ID copy, Passport Copy, Matric Certificate etc. Retrieve your documents at anytime from anywhere in the world.

Suitable for Architects, Accountants and anybody who needs to store important key documentation in a safe and secure environment.

VBC Data Storage is the easiest, safest and most secure data storage option. Simply send an email with the attached documentation into the required folder and it is stored. Register Now!



Disaster Recovery

VBC Disaster Recovery

FoneWorx has launched a comprehensive Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Service, along with a Strategic Business Solution Center to provide its growing base of customers with comprehensive hosting of all of their disaster recovery-related processes.

The new FoneWorx Strategic Business Solution Center will also offer a complete range of state-of-the-art application hosting solutions designed to meet a growing market demand for the offsite management of all types of applications for greater business efficiency with minimal investment.

The Strategic Business Solution Center will also facilitate the availability of hot desks for users with either preconfigured workstations and telecom services, or users can make use of the ‘laptop ready’ workstations where the client provides their own hardware for users. FoneWorx, as part of the disaster recovery planning will have all the clients data feeds available for immediate use as well as access to the clients data should that have been backed up into the Foneworx data back up environment. The above processes will ensure that the time to recovery and full operation will be kept to a absolute minimum and provide Business continuity in as short a period as is possible. Register Now!



Survey Online

VBC SurveyOnline SurveyOnline is a solutions-based application that puts your business in direct touch with your customers, competitors, employees, general market or website visitors. Your VBC SurveyOnline is a one stop shop for all your marketing and research needs. Survey Online is a South African Market Research (SAMRA) application, which is built on delivering actionable marketing research solutions, which incorporate the latest methodologies including Internet, SMS and IVR.

Do you need a strategy for your business but cannot afford the cost of research? The solution is VBC Survey Online. For a fraction of the cost you can create a customized survey to suit your market or choose from a generic list of surveys. VBC Survey Online offers the one stop research solution. Register Now!


Virtual Business Centre – Connect Services



VBC Airtime Run out of airtime? No problem. Use the VBC Airtime facility to purchase and load airtime immediately onto your cellphone or any other. The airtime voucher is sent to the intended cellphone number where you can then enter the voucher number sent to you. Stay connected with VBC Airtime. Register Now!

Auto Receptionist

VBC Auto Receptionist The VBC ‘Auto Receptionist (PBX)’ enables your business to enjoy the full functionality of a large switchboard with a range of features including:
Answering multiple calls (over 400 calls simultaneously), interactive voice response features, breakout features, ‘follow me’ message facility, and much more. All these features provide a professional front-end without an expensive front-end facility.
Follow me – this refers to a breakout facility that can connect a call from Auto Receptionist to your land line or your cell phone, so you can stay connected with clients where ever you are.

VBC Auto Receptionist allows you the functionality of a large switchboard and professional service. All calls are answered using a professional voice over artist and should you be unable to take a call, a notification message will be sent to you, keeping you in touch when you are out of the office and on the go. Register Now!


Conference Call

VBC Conference Call VBC users can now host Conference calls using the IVR Platform. The originator of the conference call will establish the number of participants (max 30) and submit an SMS to each participant with the date, time and PIN to join the conference. On the designated time each participant will phone the relevant access number, enter the PIN and be announced as a participant.

Need to deliver training to your Sales Team or a group of people that are in different parts of the country? The solution: VBC Conference Call facility. Set a time and a date for the call and each person will be notified via SMS as to what time and date the call will take place. Mission accomplished, communication completed. Register Now!



FREE Fax2Email Need that important fax but you are not near a fax machine? Fax2Email converts a hard copy document to an electronic TIF or PDF file which gets sent through to your email address linked to your fax number. Save time and money by using Fax2Email. No more costs for toner, ink or paper. Get your incoming faxes delivered straight to your email inbox. Register Now!

Telco Services

VBC Telco Services

As a VBC user you can now select from a broad range of services offered by Telkom. All you need to do is select the service, complete the application form and we will do the rest. You can now order a range of services from VBC including Smart Access, ADSL, Diginet, Spacestream and a whole lot more.

Moving office and need to apply to Telkom to order new lines but do not have the time? Let VBC do the work for you.

All you need to do is log into VBC, click on the CONNECT button and then click on the Telco Services from the menu and select the service you wish to order, fill out the form and fax it through to the numbers provided and VBC will do the rest. The Virtual Business Center is the easiest way to stay connected. Register Now!



VBC Web2Fax WEB2FAX is the reverse technology of Fax2Email. WEB2FAX enables the VBC user to fax most file types from any PC to a fax destination anywhere in the world .Full functionality, including daily audit trails, balances, successful and unsuccessful transmissions are provided to the user.

WEB2FAX is easy and simple to use. Send faxes right from your PC using the Internet. Web2Fax service requires no software or driver installation for your pc. Register Now!


Virtual Business Centre – Personal & Marketing Services

  Address Book
VBC Address Book

The Address Book list is interlinked to all the VBC applications, providing you with easy access and functionality throughout all the services.

The Address book enables the VBC user to create a user list of contacts .Add a single contact to your VBC Address Book using the templates to create all the information needed or upload your complete contact list in seconds with the BULK UPLOAD FACILITY.

Never be without your contact list again. Store all details in your VBC Address Book and retrieve them anytime from anywhere. Register Now!

VBC Diary

VBC offers a professional Diary Service, allowing the user to create a full event planner.

The User is able to schedule SMS reminders using the VBC reminder service. This enables the user to predefine the date and time the user wishes to send a customized SMS or email to specific person(s) as an event reminder. You can preset as far into the future as you desire by simply using the calendar, date and time facility to provide a full event planner.

Use VBC Diary service and never forget or be late for appointments again. Register Now!

VBC Email Do you need to send and receive emails but do not want the hassle of signing up with an ISP? No problem. As a VBC user you can elect to send and receive emails using your unique user number or name as your email address or you can choose a customized one if it is avaliable. All you need to do is activate the Email service on your VBC account and you will have the use of this facility immediately. Register Now!

The SMS service enables the VBC user to send single or bulk SMS’s to all mobile networks and Telkom SMS subscribers and enables the recipient to send a reply SMS to the sender. All information can be retrieved via the user in VBC SMS service.

This service allows the user to keep in contact with their customers via SMS, and is the most effective advertising tool.

Having a function? Need to invite your clients and let them RSVP instantly? Use the VBC SMS facility and send to your complete client base with one push of the button and watch the replies come back! Quick, easy and effective.

The user can also personalize their SMS’s by creating a template, which can be used again and again, saving you time and giving you a professional edge.

Simple and easy to use. Don’t delay – send an SMS today. Register Now!

VBC Marketing

VBC Digital Marketing is simply another tactic that marketers can use to reach their target audience.

VBC Digital Marketing utilises the latest technology to suit each Marketing Campaign, creating relevant, personalized digital content for each marketing message. It is an emerging form of marketing that can play a powerful role as part of an integrated marketing strategy.

Digital Marketing is commonly used to increase brand awareness, generate customer opt-in databases, create SMS competitions or drive attendance to specific events and locations.

Take advantage of VBC Digital Marketing options and enhance your marketing campaigns using – MMS, SMS, vMailer bulk mailing, IVR or Mobi Sites.

Reach out to the new generation of Digital users, with targeted digital promotions and campaigns!

Offer the full digital experience to targeted consumers and increase your conversion rate! Register Now!