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Free Fax2Email enables you to receive faxes through a 086 fax number that is linked to your email address. Free Fax2Email is save, secure and environment friendly!

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Free Fax2Email – Receive a fax for free in your email inbox.

Free Fax2Email enables South African based users to receive a fax for free through their email client. Registration for the FaxWorx cloud based fax service is free of charge and all faxes sent are paid for by the sending party making it completely free to receive a fax. The cost-effective, Free Fax2Email service will not only save on paper due to less wastage, but will also open up more space in the compact working environment by eliminating the need for cumbersome fax equipment, cluttering up an already-tight office space.

Free Fax2Email – Save, secure and environment friendly!

Security risk will now also be something of the past with fax documents being delivered directly to the correct recipients via email. Receive faxes directly through Gmail, Outlook, Apple Mail and any other email client. Without any further delay, “Signup Now” and get a Free Fax2Email number form FaxWorx today and do your bit to go green and save some trees!

Free Fax2Email for South Africa – Overview

Free Fax2Email enables you to receive a fax for free through a 086 fax number that is linked to your email address. When someone sends a fax to the 086 fax number the fax is rooted to one of three online faxing servers. The server converts the hard copy fax and forwards it to the registered email address as a PDF attachment.
The Free Fax2Email service also includes the outbound fax serviceWeb2Fax / Email2Fax” functionality and all you need to do to activate the out bound fax service is to load some airtime. For more information go to “Send-a-Fax
The nice thing about Free Fax2Email is that it is a hands-on self-managed system. Profiles are easily updated with the online admin porthole. Once users have logged in as well as being able to change the email address which has been registered for the 086 Fax2Email number; plus storing and resending faxes is as easy as pie – Fax2Email is unquestionably a user-friendly product.

Free Fax2Email in 5 short steps

  • Register for a Free Fax2Email account
  • A 086 Fax2Email number is linked to your email address
  • You give out the Free Fax2Email number and some sends you a fax.
  • The fax is immediately rooted to any one of three secure online faxing servers once sends.
  • The fax, once converted from hard copy into a PDF document attachment, is immediately sent to the linked email address.

Free Fax2Email – Links

How does Free Fax2Email work?

Most people have a basic understanding of how a fax machine works. The concept is simple – a fax machine scans a document, encodes the information and transmits it across a telephone line. The fax machine on the other end of the line decodes the signal and prints a facsimile of the document.

With the Free Fax2Email system the concept stays the same but with a virtual office twist where the PC & Internet takes the place of the receiving fax machine.

When registering for the Free Fax2Email service a 086 fax number is linked to a user’s email address. When someone sends a fax to the 086 fax number the fax is rooted to one of three online faxing servers. The server converts the hard copy fax and forwards it to the registered email address as a PDF attachment. Although the Free Fax2Email system makes use of the “premium rate” Telkom numbers, the Fax2Email services are often less expensive and more flexible than purchasing a traditional fax machine and telephone service.

Free Fax2Email system – Flexible & Accessible 24/7

Fax2Email Registration – Step by Step

  • Follow the on page register links to register for the Free Fax2Email service,
  • A 086 fax number is linked to your email address,
  • An activation email is sent to the registered email address,
  • Follow the link in the activation email to activate you Fax2Email account,
  • Once activated your account would be live within 2 hours
  • Receiving a Fax on your Fax2Email Number
  • Someone sends a fax to your 086 number from a land line,
  • The hard copy fax is routed to a fax server,
  • The fax server receives the fax and converts it to a TIFF or PDF,
  • The server looks up the email address the 086 number is linked to,
  • The digital fax is sent to your email,
  • You receive the digital fax in your inbox as an attachment.

Free Fax2Email – FAQ

How do I register for Free Fax2Email?
Registration for the Free Fax2Email service happens online. Click on the “Signup Now” link.

How do I activate my Free Fax2Email number?
Once you have registered for the Free Fax2Email service you would receive an activation email. In the email there is an activation link. Click the link, follow the onscreen instructions and activate your number.

How many faxes can I receive per day?
There is no limit on the number of faxes that you can receive per day, or any other time period in fact.

Can I receive multiple faxes at the same time?
Yes. You can receive multiple messages in parallel. This means that your correspondents should never get a busy fax machine ever again.

How long are faxes stored?
Faxes can be stored and retrieved for 7 days after it has been received. This functionality can be turned on or off through the online management porthole Forwarding a fax to another internet email user. The fax that has been received is now an attachment to an email in your inbox. Simply forward the email or drag and drop the fax attachment to a new email.

Does the sender need internet access?
No. As far as the sender of the fax is concerned, they are sending the fax to another fax machine.

Free Fax2Email – Benefits

The number of Free Fax2Email users globally is growing at an astonishing rate and more and more companies are demanding the benefits, ease of use and convenience the Free Fax2Email service offers. From start-ups to big corporate companies everybody is seeing the benefit of receiving their faxes in regular email accounts. Immediately less hardware is needed, infrastructure is better utilised and the environment gets a brake as well with less faxes being printed.

FaxWorx is determined to be a complete digital faxing solution provider and works hard to help individuals and companies alike to realise the benefits that sending and receiving faxes digitally will give them.

Benefits of Free Fax2Email includes:

Lower Costs
No need for extra fax hardware, ink/toner, fax paper, fax machine maintenance, software, or dedicated fax landlines. All you need is a computer, email account and active internet connection. Free Fax2Email is a zero cost, no-maintenance cloud based fax service.

Convenient & Portable
Free Fax2Email is cloud based and that means you are not tied down to the office fax machine or limited to any physical location. You can now send and receive faxes anywhere in the world where you have internet access, making it ideal for people in the field like estate agents, sales people, engineers and architects.

Scalable for any Business
The digital fax solutions offered by FaxWorx are completely scalable and can grow with a company’s needs. Free Fax2Email numbers can be allocate at any time. The new online porthole also offers users Web2Fax functionality, making it possible to send faxes from the same platform faxes are received on. For more information on sending faxes please see the “Web2Fax / Email2Fax” section of the website.

Businesses and companies can also upgrade to the corporate offering of the digital fax solutions. Corporate users can use the admin porthole to manage users and usage. See “Corporate Fax2Email” and “Corporate Web2Fax” section for more information.

Secure Fax is a benefit where you can receive encrypted, password protected documents. You can have all your faxes sent via secure fax or only activate this function when needed. To further increase the security around fax documents, all fax servers run a 128 bit encryption “The same big banks uses” to keep information secure. Once the fax document enters the system no one except the registered user can view the fax documents.

A Step in a Green Direction
Free Fax2Email is an eco-friendly solution and will help you to reduce the cost on paper, toner and electricity. FaxWorx supports the efforts of CarbonWorx to help people and companies to go green so the demand for paper will drop and trees can be saved. For every 8000 pages saved one less tree is needed to produce paper. For more information on going green, please see the “CarbonWorx” section of the website.

Free Fax2Email – Secure Fax service explained

Secure Fax is a benefit where you can receive encrypted, password protected documents through the Free Fax2Email service. You can have all your faxes sent via secure fax…or only activate this function when you are expecting a confidential or content sensitive fax.

Activating the Secure Fax service
To activate secure fax, simply change the format in which you receive your current faxes from PDF/TIFF to Secure Fax. This is changed in the “My Profile” section using the drop down box under “Fax2Email Settings” Once the fax is sent to you, you will receive an email notification with a security code. Log into the website, using your username and password and click on secure fax. Then use this code to unlock your fax and access the document.

Free Fax2Email – Frequently Asked Questions

    • How do I sign up for Fax2Email?
      Follow this link, Register for Fax2Email.
    • Once I have registered, how long before my Fax2Email account will be active?
      On registration you will receive an activation link to activate your Fax2Email account.
      Once you have activated your account everything will be live in about 2 hours.
    • Can I forward faxes I have received to one or more contacts?
      Yes – You can forward the fax as an attachment to any number of contacts.
    • Is any software needed to use the Fax2Email application?
      No software is required. You will receive the fax as a .TIFF or .PDF attachment in your email inbox.
    • Does my computer have to be turned on to receive faxes?
      No, as with standard emails, your incoming faxes are stored on your ISP’s server until you have downloaded your email.
    • Is there a limit to the amount of faxes I can receive?
      An unlimited number of faxes can be received on any of your 086 Fax2Email numbers at no extra cost.
    • The faxes I receive are typically 10 pages long. How large will the file be?
      10 full pages = 600kb (60Kb per page)
    • Can I receive 2 or more faxes from different sources simultaneously?
      Yes – the system has been setup to deal with multiple entries for one 086 number.
    • Can my Free Fax2Email number receive faxes from anywhere?
      No, not for Free Fax2Email / 086 fax numbers. Calls can only be received from South African telecommunications networks. NO INTERNATIONAL CALLS. To receive international faxes please see “Subscription Fax2Email
    • If I register, am I bound by any type of contract?
      No, there are no contracts involved.
  • My email account sees the TIFF document as spam?
    Just set your email account to allow the TIFF document.
  • What happens if my email address changes – do I lose my fax number?
    No you don’t lose it, just send us an email and we will link it to the new email for free.
  • Each time I dial my registered 086 number I get a message that says the number does not exist?
    These numbers can only be dialled from a Telkom line. If you try and dial it from a cellular phone then some of the cellular networks will report such a message or give an engaged tone.
  • How many times must I use my 086 Fax2Email number to ensure it stays active?You must receive a fax at least once every month to ensure your account stays active.
  • How much will it cost to use?
    A Free Fax2Email number will be allocated to you at no cost.
    There are no costs for you to receive a fax, you receive it for free.
    The person (the sender) who sends a fax to your number (the receiver) will be charged for a Telkom Premium rated call.
  • What do I need to view Tiff files on my PC?
    If you do not have software to open a .TIFF document you can download a viewer from Tiff –
  • What Operating systems are supported?
    Any operating system will work. The Free Fax2Email service utilises your email client to deliver faxes.
  • My email address has changed – how do I update my 086 end destination?
    You can log in to the online user porthole and update your detail, or send us an email and we will do it for you.
  • How do I change my preference between .TIFF an .PDF files
    You can log in to the online user porthole and switch preferences between the two formats.
  • I have set my preference to .PDF but my fax comes in as .TIFF
    This usually happens when the received fax is incomplete.
  • I received a fax as a .TIFF file but can’t open it. I have a working .TIFF viewer install on my PC
    This usually happens when the sent Fax is corrupted or was not relived on our faxing server.