Is fax to email here to stay

Less than 10 years ago companies could not think of going without a fax machine. The fax machine enabled companies to send a receive documents across the country in the push of a button. Even though the fax machine was the corner stone of many companies it did have its shortfalls and getting an extra line in for every fax machine really push up costs. Then a new dawn braked and the internet took over and all of a sudden faxing was a thing of the past, or was it?

The internet was and is great but the best way to still get an important sign document to another party is to fax it. Many companies have already adopted the Free Fax to Email service allowing them to receive faxes direct in a specific users inbox, making it much easier to control access to the faxed document and instantly making it available to the correct person or a group of people.

The fax to email service made it possible for companies to get rid of the bulky old fax machine and all the extra telephone lines needed to run the fax service. Fax to email users now only requires an active internet connection to utilise the free fax to email service. No longer do you have to stand around and wait for the fax machine to connect to the other end, simply send the document with fax to email to the other person’s email inbox.

Office administrators working with paper documents know how tedious and time consuming it could be preparing, printing, scanning and the uploading a document to an email to be sent out. In the same time it takes them to get one document ready they could have sent out 10 faxes using the fax to email service.

The fax to email service enables companies to cut on time wasted preparing documents. It is now easier than ever before to fax out document to any destination in the world. Nobody has time to waist and with fax to email you can instantly send out faxes to a recipients email inbox. Fax to email gives you the best of both worlds – the reliability of a fax machine and the speed of email. Register today for a free fax to email account and you would never again have to wait for a fax.


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