The PC2FAX system has been replaced by Web2Fax and Email2Fax – please follow links for more information

The PC2Fax system is a standalone application.
Once you have registered you will receive a link to download the PC2Fax driver for your PC.

When installed & activated the PC2Fax application will allow you to send faxes from any application on your PC that allows you to print.

PC2Fax from FaxWorx

Registration will cost you R95.00 "once off" And then you have an option between a few airtime packages you can buy.

All transactions happen with EFT. Once we have received payment your account would be activated and you can start to send faxes.

With the PC2Fax system you do not have a monthly subscription and we do not work on a month to month basis.

Whatever is left in your account automatically rolls over to the next month.

The PC2Fax system will work on all faxing platforms and any Telkom fax number can be reached?

To register go to:
If you require more info you can go to:


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