Free Fax to Email for a Sales Force on the Move

It is not surprising that your sales people are implementing mobile devices faster than you can say iPad! Global investigation shows that company initiatives to hand out tablets to sales forces are still in their initial stages in most companies. Only about 60% of companies are actively managing company-endorsed initiatives while another 30% consider their efforts to be experimental, involving a handful of early adopter employees and their BOYD (Bring Your Own Device) tablets. It is therefore not surprising that so many companies could be making use of free fax to email in their organisations to ensure mobility goes one step further, yet there seems to be a “dragging of the feet” with companies as they are still using the old-fashioned method of sending and receiving faxes by making use of archaic devices and equally archaic methods.



Mobility with Free Fax to Email

Free fax to email will assist your sales team with their mobility. As part of the BOYD movement, the adoption of tablets at work continues to grow at a steady pace. According to the latest stats, enterprise adoption will grow by 50% annually. Seventy one % of workers interviewed use tablets as an additional device rather than a computer replacement. It therefore makes sense to install free fax to email, where you can receive faxes right into your “in box” regardless of where you are, which takes communicating, receiving important documents and responding to clients’ needs at once,  to the very next level which will ensure that your sales force will be far more efficient and “hands-on” than ever before.

Mobile devices VS. PC’s

Overall, mobile devices will soon outnumber computers on a corporate network by a two-to-one ratio.  A recent IDC report showed that the number of mobile workers in the Americas will grow from 182, 5 million in 2010 to more than 212, 1 million by 2015; a trend that is likely to be paralleled on a smaller but equally significant scale in South Africa.

It is obvious that with mobility playing such a vital part in the world of business, without a mobile fax option such as free fax to email, our sales forces will be disadvantaged.