Advantages of Free FaxtoEmail

The advantages of free faxtoemail far outweigh the disadvantages!

Mobile technology has been identified as a top technology initiative in 2013. Not only does mobile technology answer the market demand for multi-touch point customer experiences, but it also makes workers more efficient, drives faster decision-making, supports relationships and improves distinguishability and exactness throughout the supply chain. The advantages of free faxtoemail far outweigh the disadvantages as it improves mobility on every level.



Mobile driving IT growth:

Worldwide IT spending growth will be no less than 5.7% in 2013. Mobile devices alone will account for at least 57% of all IT growth.

Tablets have gained momentum in sales:

In a period of two years it is projected that at least 20% of all sales organisations will make use of tablets as a main platform for field sales; it is therefore distinctly advantageous to incorporate free faxtoemail in order for your sales force to receive all faxes as well as important documentation no matter where they are, directly into their “in-box”.

Demand fuels investment in mobile Apps:

It is interesting to note that 75% of all IT organisations plan to invest in developing mobile apps in 2013. This reflects the growing interest in companies giving their employees access to work-based systems on the move.

Focus on new mobile apps and other tools:

Spending on mobile apps will grow up to 50% in 2013.
CIO’s will now be concentrating both on developing new mobile applications and making sure existing applications are ready for the mobile market. This does not include funds spent on supplying employees with mobile devices or marketing funds spent on mobility.

The advantages of free faxtoemail far outweigh the disadvantages due to the fact that faxes are received directly to the user’s mobile device no matter where they are. Each mobile device is an individual’s arsenal which will be used in a complementary fashion. Traditional personal computers as well as laptops will be used primarily to create information; tablets will be used to consume information, and smartphones will be used to communicate information – incorporate free faxtoemail to ensure that your “office on the go” is run efficiently.