Free Fax vs Paid Fax

Reasons Why You Should Use Free Fax vs. Paid Fax

By incorporating free fax to email vs paid fax will guarantee that you cut costs, improve your workspace efficiency and save all round. Office automation as we know it today began with the very humble typewriter. That was soon followed by the invention of the copy machine as well as the old style fax machine, both of which mechanised manual tasks. Then along came the PC and revolutionised the concept of converting information to electronic format. Creating, collecting, storing, manipulating and relaying the office information needed for accomplishing basic tasks and goals is a costly budget item.


It is estimated that between 5 and 10% of annual turnover is taken up by printing, faxing, copying and managing documentation in the office which is a sizeable chunk for any company regardless of the size. That is why it is critical to ask how office automation is going to improve the creation, distribution, storage, printing, faxing and copying of documents in the workplace.

Many business owners are simply unaware of the benefits of free fax to email and all the advantages that this offers – they simply have little or no controls in place and do not realise how huge the compensations are when it comes to free fax to email vs paid fax.

Delinquent copying and printing by employees ranging from party invitations and family photographs can and will impact on the bottom line of the company which can cost a small fortune for business.

If every employee has his or her own fax number where faxes are sent directly to an “in box”, the printing of faxes will be limited, costs will be saved, plus workspace efficiency will be greatly improved.

Costs can be controlled by applying the right software and hardware – not only can you save on operating expenses but employee productivity and business process efficiency can also be increased with the implementation of free fax to email.