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Free Fax to Email - Receive a fax for FREE

Free Fax to Email for South Africa

Free Fax to Email. Receive a fax with fax to emails for free. Get your own free fax to email number in under a minute from FaxWorx. The Free Fax to Email service is cost-effective and you will not only save on paper due to the elimination of wastage, but you will also have a more compact working environment as you will no longer have cumbersome fax equipment cluttering up your already-tight office space; furthermore security risk will now be something of the past with fax documents being monitored at all times. Without any further delay, get your FREE South African 086 Fax to Email today from FaxWorx. Sending and receiving faxes directly from Gmail, Outlook, and Apple Mail will offer fax solutions under one umbrella.

This is how it works:

– Your free 086 number from FaxWorx is directly linked to your email address.

– The fax is immediately rooted to any one of three online faxing servers once someone sends a fax by means of the 086 number.

- The fax, once converted from hard copy into a  PDF document attachment, is immediately sent to the recipient’s email address.

The nice thing about Free Fax to Email is that it is a hands-on self-managed system. Profiles are easily updated once users have logged in as well as being able to change the email address which has been registered for the 086 Fax to Email number; plus storing and resending faxes is as easy as pie – Fax to Email is unquestionably a user-friendly product.

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