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Web to Fax – Send a Fax online

Web to Fax allows registered users to send a fax through an internet porthole to any fax number in the world. Registration and activation is required for the Web to Fax service but with no extra hardware & software required and registration being FREE, the only thing users need to do is to load air time to activate the outbound fax service. Users can access the fax porthole from any PC, Mac or smart device. Once logged-in it’s as easy as selecting the document that needs to be sent, provide the fax number, hit send and the FaxWorx fax system will take care of the rest!

Send a fax from the internet with Web to Fax – No new hardware! – No new software!

Web to Fax – send a fax from the internet. Now all you need is a username and a password to send a fax online. The Web to Fax allows registered users to send a fax through an online fax porthole.

The Web to Fax service gives users the ability to send a single fax or to do bulk faxing. Faxes can be scheduled in advance and contacts can be uploaded when the fax job is created or can be selected from the address book. “Word”, “Excel”, “PDF”, “Text” & “Tiff” documents are all compatible and once logged into the online fax porthole, it is simply uploaded to the outgoing fax as an attachment.

Web to Fax overview

The Web to Fax service has a unique set of features that truly sets it apart from any other fax service available in South Africa. Once registered and logged into the Web to Fax porthole, users will have access to an online set of fax tools.

  • Online Fax porthole tools include:
  • Send Fax Online – single or bulk fax
  • Send Secure Fax Online,
  • Address Book,
  • Track Fax History,
  • Rates,
  • Balance / Recharge,
  • Profile,
  • And a FAQ section if you get stuck!

What is Secure Fax

Secure Fax is a benefit where you can receive encrypted, password protected documents. You can have all your faxes sent via secure fax or only activate this function when you are expecting a confidential fax. The secure fax functionality can easily be switch on or off from within the profile section on the fax admin porthole.

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Try before you buy! Send a test fax

The Web to Fax service has a built in test service to allow new interested users to test the fax service before loading any air time. When a new user registers, a 086 number is automatically generated and linked to the users email address. The 086 number is also the user name on the fax system. Using the 086 fax number that was allocated on registration prospecting users can now go through the motions of how to send a fax and get a feel for the system by sending a test fax to them self.

How to send a test Fax

To send a test fax, login to the Web to Fax admin porthole, click on “Send Fax Now”. In the “Recipient Details” section put your name and the 086 fax number that was generated on registration. Follow the on screen instructions, attached the documents and hit send. The system will then take your document and fax it to the linked 086 fax number and you will receive an email with the faxed document as an attachment in your inbox.

So how does the Web to Fax system work?

Web to Fax makes it possible to send a fax online from any PC, Mac or Smart mobile device. Web to Fax is your own personal cloud fax service. To send a fax from the internet you need an internet connection and an active Web to Fax account. If you already use the FaxWorx Fax to Email service you just need to activate the Web to Fax service in your profile. If not, register for FREE and load some airtime to activate the outbound Web to Fax service. Once activated users can simply log onto the fax admin porthole, select the “Send Fax Now” function, provide the fax number, attached the documents and hit send. The fax server will take care of the rest and even send you and delivery report once the fax job has been completed successfully.

Getting started with Web to Fax

The Web to Fax service requires no extra hardware, software or configuration to get the fax service going. If you are registered and your airtime has been loaded you are ready to send a fax.

To send a fax go to your online fax profile: http://www.faxuserlogin.co.za and login. Click on “Send Fax Now” and follow step 1 to 5.

  • Step 1: Choose between sending a single or bulk fax. To send a single fax click on: “Send Single Fax”.
  • Step 2: Please enter the recipient you’d like to send the fax to. Step 2 gives you the option to load recipients direct from your web2fax address book. You can include a cover sheet and also schedule the time and date for the fax to be sent out.
  • Step 3: Write a fax message direct in the fax system and/or attach documents. Five files/documents can be attached at once to the outgoing fax as long as the maximum file size does not exceed 500Kb per file.
  • Step 4: This step gives you the details for the fax job that was just created. The amount of pages to be faxed, fax cost and account balance are displayed with in this step. If you are satisfied click “Send Fax”, to send your fax:
  • Step 5: You get a notification the fax has been sent. The system will sends an email to you confirming delivery of the fax.

Loading Airtime on your Web to Fax account

The first step to load airtime is to log into the fax admin porthole. Once logged in, navigate to the link “Balance/Recharge” in the top navigation bar.

In this section you would be presented with your current balance and recharge options. To recharge select the product, payment method and airtime amount and click on “Top Up”

The system will now generate a reference number and if paying by EFT the banking detail will also be displayed. NB: Please ensure that the reference number is inserted on the electronic funds transfer in order for funds to be credited to the correct account. Account will only be credited the next business day after payment has been received.

Web2Fax / Email2Fax Rates Table

For pricing please see the Rates/Pricing section of the website.

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