Email to Fax

Email to Fax – Send a fax from your email.

Email to Fax allows registered users to send a fax from their preferred email client. Fax users can now simply attach a document to an email or just use the body of the email to send a fax. Once the fax has been delivered a confirmation email is sent back to the sender.

For audit and tracking purposes the fax communication is also recorded in the user’s online Web to Fax profile. The Web to Fax service is merely the online interface of the local Email to Fax system and has more control plus added features.

Implement a digital fax solution in your company without any new hardware or software!

FaxWorx – Your Complete Digital Faxing Solution – Home of Fax to Email, Email to Fax, Web to Fax & Mobile to Fax. Now you can send/receive a fax on one account from any smart device!

Email to Fax is part of the complete digital faxing solution enabling users to send “Word”, “Excel”, “PDF”, “Text” & “Tiff” documents straight from any PC “Outlook” or Mac “Apple Mail” making the FaxWorx, fax service offering the most complete end to end solution giving you the added value of not needing a fax machine or fax line – saving you even more money.

Email to Fax overview

Email to Fax and Web to Fax are both included in the free online registration, but before any faxes can be sent some airtime needs to be loaded. We always get the question of why this is necessary and why the outbound fax service is not also for free as the Fax to Email service.

The best way to explain this is to think of a fax as an outgoing call. When you make a call you have to pay for it. To send a fax by email users simply use the destination fax number as the email address, attach the document they want to fax, and hit send.

Try before you buy! Send a test fax

The Email to Fax service has a built-in test service that allows you to test the fax service before loading any air time. When a new user registers, a 086 number is automatically generated and linked to the user’s email address. The 086 number is also the user name on the fax system. Using the 086 fax number that was allocated with registration, users can now go through the motions of how to send a fax and get a feel for the system by sending a test fax to themselves.

Send a test fax with Gmail – Gmail to Fax

Using Google Gmail to send a fax is very similar to sending a normal email. The only difference is that you will be using the fax number as part of the email address

Here is a quick guide on how to test the Gmail to Fax service for FREE. “Gmail account required for Gmail to Fax to work”

1. Sign Up for a free fax to email account with FaxWorx. Activation and verification of email address are required. Check your Gmail account for the activation email.
2. To test the Gmail to Fax service for FREE you can send yourself test faxes on the 086 number that you received when you registered for the free fax to email service.
3. In your Gmail account create a new email, in the TO: field simply places your own 086 fax number followed by the faxing server “”. For example
4. You can attach any documents if needed to send along in the fax. (Max 500k/document)
5. You can include a cover page message by entering text in the subject line and body of the email.
6. Click SEND and your test fax is on its way! No busy dial tones, just one click and you are finished!

Send a test fax with Outlook – Outlook Email to Fax

1. Open up a new email;
2. Enter the recipient’s fax number followed by in the To box of the email;
3. Use the Subject box and body of the email to include a cover page message for the fax;
4. Attach the document that you would like to fax and click send;
5. The fax will be sent to the recipient.

So how does the Email to Fax system work?

Email to Fax allows registered users to send “Word”, “Excel”, “PDF”, “Text” & “Tiff” documents straight from any email client. Once the documents have been attached and all the steps in sending email fax have been completed the fax is received by the FaxWorx fax server.

The fax server looks up the account of the sender through the linked email address and checks for available funds. If the account is in the green the fax server sends out the attached documents to the specified fax number.

Once delivered successfully a confirmation email is sent back to the sender and all activity is also recorded in the online Web to Fax interface.

So how do I send a fax with the email to fax service?

      • Go to your favourite email client,
      • Open up a new email,
      • Enter the recipient’s fax number in the “To” field of the email, followed by the fax server domain “”. For example,
      • Enter the fax subject in the “Subject” field,
      • Attach the document/s that you want to fax in the attachment section of the email,
      • If a cover page or instructions are needed – simple type the message in the body of the email,
      • Make sure each attached document is under 500k and hit send!
      • The fax will be sent to the recipient.

Web2Fax / Email2Fax Rates Table

For pricing please see the Rates/Pricing section of the website.

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