Corporate Fax to Email

Corporate Fax to Email – Receive an international fax through email.

The corporate fax solution from FaxWorx is an essential business tool that enables business to receive national and international faxes on a geographical 011 fax number. The corporate fax solution will reduce a company’s fax costs while automating workflows, speeding the delivery of high-volume messaging, and facilitating compliance with today’s security and records-keeping mandates.

Receive international faxes with a geographical 011 fax number!

Enable your business to receive international faxes through your fax to Email interface. Register today and get a 011 geographical fax number for your business.

In a quick overview of the corporate fax to email solution it might look almost identical to the Free 086 fax to email services but it’s not. The geographical corporate fax to email solution offers businesses a geographical 011 fax number that is linked to the business email address giving users all the benefits of the original 086 fax to email solution. The corporate fax solution also comes with an administrator interface making it possible to manage fax users with in the company, allocate new numbers and checking status updates on faxing history.


How does the corporate fax to email system work?

The user interface for the corporate subscription fax to email solution looks exactly the same as the normal subscription fax to email solution. To read more about the user functionality of the subscription fax to email solution please see “Subscription Fax to Email” The administrator interface is only available in the corporate faxing solution.

Corporate Fax to Email system overview

It is no secret that many South Africans work, travel and conduct business overseas on a regular basis. Suffice to say much business is conducted “on the go” which makes having a mobile set-up all the more important. Sending faxes overseas is a common occurrence when conducting a wide variety of business.

This is why having an international fax to email service is a necessity and not a luxury. The best part of all is that the recipient is able to receive faxes no matter where they are – this could be in the field, locally or even overseas.


An easy method to send a fax oversea.

Contrary to what many might think, faxing still and will continue to play a major role in the modern world of communication. Important documents that need to be signed and sent to clients and customers are conducted via fax as well as well as a wide array of other documentation from movie scripts, book reviews – the list is vast.

If you are thinking of ways of sending faxes overseas, nothing could be simpler than making use of our user-friendly fax to email. You will question why you never thought of implementing this vital tool in the past.

Corporate Fax to Email Pricing

OPTION 1 – One Year at R19.50 per month / user + R390.00 Monthly management fee
OPTION 2 – Two years at R18.50 per  month / user + R390.00 Monthly management fee
OPTION 3 – Three years at R17.50 per  month / user + R390.00 Monthly management fee
OPTION 4 – Four years at R16.50 per  month / user + R390.00 Monthly management fee
* Prices correct on time of publishing – please confirm when registering.


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