Gmail to Fax - Send a fax from Gmail

Try before you buy! Send a test fax from your Gmail with Gmail2Fax The Gmail2Fax service has a built in test service that allow you to test the fax service before loading any air time. When a new user registers, a 086 number is automatically generated and linked to the users email address. The 086 […]

Is fax to email here to stay

Less than 10 years ago companies could not think of going without a fax machine. The fax machine enabled companies to send a receive documents across the country in the push of a button. Even though the fax machine was the corner stone of many companies it did have its shortfalls and getting an extra […]

FaxWorx Mobi2Fax

Mobi2Fax is a fax service that allows registered users to send and receive faxes from their mobile smart phones. Using the Web2Fax Mobi site users can easily log into their accounts, attach and fax documents to any destination in the world. The Mobi2Fax service is part of the Web2Fax complete digital fax solution and users […]

VBC conference call

The Virtual Business Centre includes a conference call facility. Utilising the VBC address book, SMS module and the IVR platform the VBC system is able to create an easy to use, low cost Conference Call environment. Registered users can simply log into the VBC porthole, select the day, time & number of participants and the […]

FaxWorx - Free fax2email Blog

Gone are the days when businesses required lots of space for all the equipment needed to communicate efficiently to clients. Companies need little more than a free fax2email number, a computer, email address, and internet connection to make this possible. With a free fax2email number in South Africa there is no need to purchase an […]

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