FaxWorx - Cloud Based Voice & Fax Solutions

Add privacy to your life with the cloud base voice and fax solutions from FaxWorx. Now you can get one 086 voice and fax number that will allow you to receive a voice message and fax for free via email. You can also use the same number to send a fax via email or web interface. One number - Three services - Complete cloud based voice and fax solutions.


With the main focus being on promoting a managed cloud based voice and fax service that include voice2email, fax2email, email2fax , web2fax and the VBC solutions for South African users. FaxWorx is solely focused on the provision of these services and as a result has become the industry expert in the design, deployment and on-going management of these cloud based voice & fax services.

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    Voice2Email is a FREE service for South African based users that links a cloud based 086 voice number to your email address. When someone calls your 086 voice mail number the message is record and an audio file is generated. The audio file is then attached to an email and forwarded to the linked email address. Sign Up today for FREE, or Read more…

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    The Free Fax2Email Service is cross platform and multi device compatible! The Fax2Email service is also cloud based so you can access your Fax2Email account from anywhere in the world. Register Now or Read more…

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    Email2Fax allows you to send a fax from your PC, Mac & Mobile device. No additional hardware or software required! Register now for the cloud base fax service and get free access to the Email2Fax service. Read more…

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    Web2Fax allows registered users to send a fax through an internet porthole to any fax number in the world. Registration and activation is required for the Web2Fax service but with no extra hardware & software required and registration being FREE, the only thing users need to do is to load air time to activate the outbound fax service. Register Now! or Read more…

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    Virtual Business Centre

    The Virtual Business Centre (VBC) is specifically aimed at assisting SME’s in South Africa with a variety of services all rolled up in one solution. Some of the services offered includes: Bookkeeping, Auto Receptionist, Conference Call, Voice2Email, Fax2Email & Email2Fax. Read more…

Send a TEST Fax from PC, MAC & Mobile

  • Try before you buy! Send a test fax. The Web to Fax solution has a service that allows new users to test the fax service before loading any air time.

  • Secure Fax is a benefit where you can receive encrypted, password protected documents. You can have all your faxes sent via secure fax.

  • Email to Fax allows registered users to send a fax from their preferred email client.